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The city will begin to design plans to tear down and rebuild the hulking monstrosity, but that in itself won’t solve the problems Council is hoping to fix.
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The red blob roughly represents the new footprint of the planned convention center 特洛伊牛津

通过14-1投票,达拉斯市议会今天指示员工继续拆除并重建Kay Bailey Hutchison会议中心的计划。重建项目,你可以在这里详细阅读,理事会成员几乎一致地鼓掌。他们谈到了它在剧烈的经济发展剧烈展望市中心,将市中心延伸到南达拉斯,与30号州际公路的新甲板公园,为新的经济实惠的住房创造空间。


The convention center has been built and rebuilt numerous times during its 70-year history, resulting in a Frankenstein monstrosity surrounded by lifeless parking lots and saddled with a hefty $500 million deferred maintenance bill. The plan is to tear down much of the existing structure and extend the newest portions of the building south across I-30 and into the Cedars. That would open up a large swath of downtown which council members hope can be used for new housing, a hotel, and public green space. Developers around the convention center also hope the public investment will supercharge the revitalization of a long-neglected corner of the city’s core.

在一个慷慨激昂的演讲中,West Dallas议员Omar Narvaez,他椅子将该城市的运输委员会抚摸着并将该项目转向理事会投票,称赞他认为是“达拉斯市中心转型”的重做。他谈到了加入经济适用房,更开放的空间和潜在的经济发展。用于资助项目的资金机制也将使该市使用一些国家的一些销售税,以支付公平公园的资本改进,这是一项有助于甜蜜的交易 - 软化政治反弹。

“这笔货币即将到来的这笔钱将为您的普通基金中耗尽 - 我重复:零,”Narvaez说。“我们有勇气改变我们的城市吗?”

达拉斯理事会南部的成员Tennell Atkins更直接。


免费的金钱,经济发展,经济实惠的住房,甲板公园 - 它似乎唯一在讨论该会议业务方面唯一特别有兴趣。北达拉斯委员会CaraMendelsohn是辩论期间怀疑主义的孤独声音,指出该市即将将40亿美元投入为一个商业模式的建筑物,以至于她认为可能是值得怀疑的商业模式。



与省城里有协议,工会吗Pacific Railroad, and the Texas Department of Transportation, all of whom control right of way in and around the convention center property? Did the public have sufficient opportunities to sound off on how the freed-up space around the convention center could be used? And if the problem with today’s convention center is that the city has long underfunded maintenance, what’s to say the city won’t allow the new building to rot?


City staff argued that the forthcoming study would hammer out those details. Then the discussion stopped. In a parliamentary twist, Mendelsohn’s protest was cut short after South Dallas/Fair Park Councilman Adam Bazaldua proposed a motion that shut down debate and moved the resolution to a vote.


Wednesday’s vote wasn’t the first time the Dallas City Council opined on how a large public investment in a big-ticket civic project was going to solve all of the city’s perennial woes, including affordable housing, public transit, and the vitality of South Dallas.

But the city doesn’t have a great track record of leveraging these kinds of projects in a way that delivers on those promises. Seeing the opportunity in tearing down and reconstructing the convention center is the easy part. Making the actual redevelopment work for all of Dallas will prove far more difficult.


Peter Simek.

Peter Simek.

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