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D Magazine Partners每学期提供各种实习(秋季,春季,夏季)。如果您正在寻求获得宝贵的真实媒体行业经验,那么您就可以到了正确的地方。每个实习职位都是不同的学习体验,但尽管如此,您将从公司工作的内容是您未来职业生涯努力的路线图。

关于our program

Working in the media industry is a fast-paced environment. Qualified candidates for our program must be able to work under demanding deadlines in a fast-paced environment, as well as possess excellent computer, communication and organizational skills. The D Magazine Partners internship program is highly competitive, and our interns are held to a high standard.


Summer Internship Program 2022

We are accepting applications for the Summer 2022 program. The internship semester will begin on Wednesday, May 18, and run until Friday, August 12.The deadline to apply is Friday, April 15.如果您有任何疑问,请联系Rachel Gill([受电子邮件保护]).请不要打电话。


Please choose one area of interest on your application. Within each area, there are multiple internships available. When applying, select all internships that you would like to be considered for. The descriptions are listed below to help you better understand each area.




D’s growing advertising team is looking for high-energy, creative, and enthusiastic self-starters who share our passion for the advertising industry. Our interns gain a coveted first-hand experience in the advertising/marketing industry by working alongside our top ad directors for D Magazine, D Home, D Weddings, D CEO, and D Online. Plus, they gain direct access to networking with marketing directors of local and national luxury retailers, jewelers, high-end automotive dealers, liquor companies, and advertising agencies. Our multi-tasking interns can expect to tackle responsibilities of the sales cycle such as prospecting new clients, conducting first-hand sales calls, producing promotional material, updating account information, partnering on follow-up calls, and joining spontaneous brainstorming sessions for creative client advertising solutions.


人们报纸Advertising & Marketing Intern



Audience Development Intern

D Magazine Partners is seeking an ambitious, eager-to-learn intern to join the Digital Audience Development team. The role will report directly to the Audience Development Coordinator and learn how to manage a digital marketing campaign from start to finish.

This individual will assist in working with internal teams and external partners to identify and execute marketing campaigns cross-brand to grow and retain audiences across our digital platforms. He or she will be responsible for assisting in creating marketing plans, creative briefs, drafting copy, and analyzing reporting for each of our campaigns. He or she will also assist in acquiring new users and retaining current subscribers for our various subscription products.

D Magazine合伙人活动实习生

市场营销部正在寻找对活动策划、促销和媒体营销感兴趣的实习生。理想的应聘者应该注重细节、有创意、有组织、有上进心。作为一名营销实习生,你将观察、计划和执行活动,协助数据输入、研究、邮寄和宣传材料。实习生将在动态、快节奏的销售和营销环境中获得实践经验。有Adobe creative suite知识者优先。必须愿意在办公时间和晚上协助执行活动。


D Magazine Partners Brand Intern


Responsibilities include assisting with media sponsorships and D events, helping organize and build our list of influencers, contribute content to all of our social media platforms, and help organize/coordinate with the editors for BOBD Reader’s Choice program.



Learn how we make those glossy magazine pages look so good and get practical experience along with some great samples for your portfolio. You will be working closely with production and art teams on design, management of assets, color correction and prepress. This is a great opportunity for a designer to see how it takes more than a good eye, to get the job done. Interns will assist in photo research, page layout, and ad creation. Excellent computer skills and knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is REQUIRED.



The ideal candidate will assist the Production Manager and other personnel with a wide-variety of projects including newspaper layout, website management, and photography. Exceptional communication and team-driven abilities required. Must have a strong background working with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. WordPress experience is a plus.


Digital Art Intern

这位数字艺术实习生将在设计、资产管理和研究方面与网络、品牌、销售和受众发展密切合作。这是学习视觉设计、如何浏览WordPress以及为数字空间创建有效品牌的绝佳机会。具备优秀的计算机技能和Adobe Creative Suite知识。

Responsibilities include uploading all print content to our website, assisting creating ads, creating various event collateral, and asset management.


D MagazineEditorial Intern

If glossy magazines give you a thrill, this is the internship for you. D Magazine editorial interns are smart, reliable, detail-oriented, talented, and curious. We’re looking for good writers and reporters who aren’t afraid to pick up the phone. Interns work closely with print staff to make every issue as perfect as possible, and primary responsibilities include fact-checking articles, covering local events, blogging, and working on projects for other departments and publications as availability and interest permits. Especially successful candidates will have an interest in pitching and writing for the front of the book section. You’ll discover the glamorous—and sometimes not-so-glamorous—side of publishing, and gain tons of real-world magazine experience along the way.


D MagazineOnline Editorial Intern

You will write about the news and subjects that have Dallas talking for dmagazine.com. You’ll be encouraged and prodded to develop and pitch your own stories, but we have plenty of ideas to get you started. We cover a little bit of everything, with room for short news pieces, long features, funny columns, and anything else that fits with our editorial voice and coverage. You will get plenty of published clips to show your journalism professors/prospective future employers, and will learn about the new dynamics of digital media.


D CEOEditorial Intern

你在寻找真实世界的新闻经验吗?你每天关注多个新闻来源吗?你想了解快节奏的商业新闻界,同时收集署名吗?D Magazine Partners旗下屡获殊荣的业务部门,包括D首席执行官(印刷和在线)、D首席执行官房地产、D首席执行官医疗保健、达拉斯500和D房地产年报,正在寻找有才华、有组织、有承诺的实习生。你将有机会通过为印刷品撰写杂志故事,以及涵盖各种行业的在线新闻报道,建立你的投资组合和简历。你还将获得宝贵的事实核查和校对经验,进行编辑研究,参加问题规划会议,并完成其他编辑任务。

Responsibilities include online coverage via D CEO Healthcare, D CEO Real Estate, and D CEO, print stories, as well as copy editing.

d屋& D WeddingsEditorial Intern

We need an energetic, smart, organized, reliable, and creative intern with an interest (or experience) in design, fashion, and weddings. If you have an interest in blogging, even better. The intern’s primary responsibilities include: writing, pitching ideas, and taking photos for our two blogs; fact-checking copy for our magazines; uploading events and trunk shows to the events section of the website; picking up and dropping off items for photo shoots; assisting editors with photo shoots; and writing small blurbs and entries for our magazines. There is a good amount of fact-checking, so the intern must be comfortable with making phone calls.

Responsibilities include fact checking for both D Home and D Weddings print products, interview brides and write wedding and engagement posts for the blog, research and execute new blog post ideas, and perform occasional research projects as needed.


D Custom, an award-winning content marketing agency, is in need of a detail-oriented, energetic editorial intern. You’ll play a key role in producing a variety of content for a client base consisting of major global brands. If you’re looking to hone your editorial skills in pioneering ways across new media, this is the place to do it. Through this internship, you will learn the cutting edge of content creation and brand marketing, as well as old-school writing and editing skills. You’ll be a critical part of a hard-working team fueled by snacks and caffeine — and end up with some great samples of work to add to your portfolio.


人们报纸Editorial Intern

人们报纸is looking for interns willing to juggle multiple assignments and take responsibility for a variety of projects, including editing police blotters, proofreading, writing blog posts, pitching story ideas, and writing stories. We need applicants with a love for the AP Stylebook and a desire to learn what makes a community special. In addition to the editorial side of things, you will help promote our brand through social media strategies, looking for potential clients, and maintaining existing client relationships. You will attend a variety of Dallas society events, so you must be outgoing and respect social etiquette.

Responsibilities include writing articles as well as blog and social media posts, researching stories, fact checking, coming up with story ideas, and making deadlines. Interns represent the newspapers at Dallas society events and on story assignments, assist with special events, conduct interviews, and sometimes take photographs.


我们正在寻找一个有组织,细节的和热情实习生,以协助我们编辑研究。您将帮助计划和执行D Magazine的最佳节目(最佳Big D,最佳医生,最佳律师以及许多其他人)。您将与许多部门一起工作,包括编辑,营销,销售和设计。主要职责包括通过电话,电子邮件或互联网,更新我们的在线目录以及在数据收集平台中工作的事实检查信息。Excel的经验是首选但不需要的。如果您有很大的时期管理技能,享受许多不同的项目,并享受乐趣的新想法,那么您将为我们的团队提供一个很好的补充。

研究实习生负责事实检查和更新我们的在线目录(商店、服务、餐厅、酒吧等),协助策划和执行编辑“D最佳”项目(最佳律师、最佳医生等),从投票到事实检查,协助策划和执行D杂志赞助的活动,小组和庆祝活动,并协助设计和执行社交媒体和电子邮件营销活动,推广D Best活动和计划。