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  • Grow and help to maintain client relationships in tandem with our account representatives.
  • Close large advertising and sponsorship contracts
  • Drive revenue and develop new opportunities achieve monthly goals for the company
  • 与销售团队合作,营销内部利益相关者和合作伙伴
  • 通过举例设定团队文化和节奏

The Group Publisher reports directly to Gillea Allison, the President of D Magazine Partners. Experience in publishing for a large or highly profitable regional or city magazine is a plus, but business development roles which include sales management in Texas may also be a fit. Ten years+ of sales leadership experience and a proven track record of revenue and business growth a must.


  • 人/关系专注于激励,激励和留住的能力
  • 总是好奇,一个学习者
  • 以完全的完整性和尊重所有人

For the full job description and salary range, please reach out to our search firm, Stanton Chase. Search lead is Rosemary Gantz, Director, Stanton Chase, 1.208.949.6178[email protected]

Managing Editor

D杂志is a rare, beautiful beast: a general-interest magazine that is owned and run by a family and that continues to find success with paper and ink. We need someone to help us keep this creature watered and fed.

Do you have a keen eye for detail? Are you comfortable setting deadlines and gently knocking people’s heads together when they miss them? Do you know what an Oxford comma is? Have you recently had an argument about correct word usage? Do you get a happy feeling when an Excel file has been properly flowed into InDesign and all the columns line up and you’ve entered the fact-check changes and you can look out over the glass towers of downtown from a 21st-floor office and know that you’ve made Dallas an even better place? Then you should come work with us.


  • 写一个模糊
  • 也许写的东西比蓝色更长
  • 监督事实检查和复制编辑
  • Tolerate profanity
  • Hit deadlines
  • Generate ideas
  • Stop, collaborate, and listen


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience in publishing a huge plus
  • Proficiency with Adobe InCopy/InDesign, Excel, Word
  • Organization and creativity with high attention to detail

我们提供了竞争力的薪水和福利包。我们有一个灵活的工作场所,配有办公室和WFH;你需要住在德克萨斯州北德克萨斯州。Please apply by emailing your résumé and cover letter.


Art Director

Last year,D杂志发布了一个封面,该封面是在空停车场的空中照片上铺设了一个79字标题。下个月的封面是一碗金色的海鲜炖炖牛皮。导航内容的多样性,带来精致的受众美好的读者服务和令人信服的新闻 - 这是设计这一屡获殊荣的城市杂志的痛苦和狂喜。自由预算不足以支付在套装上的迎合,但我们曾经雇用了一只小大象拍摄,我们曾与该国的一些最好的摄影师和插画家一起合作。



  • 设计封面,功能,更短的FOB页面
  • 参加并直接照片拍摄
  • 分配和艺术直接摄影和插图到自由艺术家;项目管理这些作业;向自由职业者沟通截止日期和修订,以及时接受艺术
  • 过程自由发票
  • Conduct image research
  • 与艺术董事的偶然合作D HomeD CEO
  • Praise genius editors for their brilliant suggestions (please?)
  • 造型体验一个加号
  • Pitching story ideas a plus


  • Mastery of all the Adobe products
  • 至少五年的出版经验



D Home/D Weddings副主编

D HomeD Weddingsare looking for an associate editor to join our team. The right candidate will be a mix of engaging storyteller, detail-oriented multi-tasker, and industrious team player. You’re curious about your city, the interiors and weddings industries, and the people who bring them to life. You’ve got a natural voice, are a stickler for grammar, and love a good pun. You’re a self-starter who’s not afraid to chase down information. You live by deadlines. You can effectively juggle multiple projects while maintaining quality and thoroughness. And you’re willing to pitch in wherever is needed to get the job done.

职责will include:

  • 报告和写作d家(7倍/年)和D Weddings'(2x /年)打印出版物,以及在线垂直
  • Writing captions and generating content forD HomeD Weddings'社交媒体账户
  • 协助创意团队与照片拍摄调度和协调,以及准备工作日(例如,促进拾取/下拉,运输货物,编目项目)
  • Overseeing factchecking of articles to ensure accuracy
  • 管理真实的婚礼提交和选择过程新利app
  • Occasionally, some evening hours will be required to attend industry events


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3+ years of experience in journalism or a related field
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Suite, InCopy, and InDesign a plus
  • Knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms a plus
  • Writing samples required

The position is hybrid until COVID-19 case counts level out. The position is full-time with benefits. Salary is negotiable based on experience. To apply, submit a resume, cover letter, and no more than five clips.


Dining Critic/Food Editor


Does your copy of烹饪的快乐在边距有潦草的笔记?如果有人告诉你rick ayless'墨西哥每天was her favorite Mexican cookbook, would you jump at the chance to be judgy because Bayless is a White guy from Oklahoma appropriating another culture’s cuisine, or would you tap the brakes a bit because it’s a complicated issue, seeing as how Bayless has traveled Mexico extensively and cooks with a reverence for the country and its people, but then would you go ahead and be totally judgy because Bayless’ true transgression is that he’s the brother of Skip Bayless? Can you immediately spot the problem with the following sentence? “The chef blends a habañero foam into his crème fraîche.” Was Jonathan Gold your hero? Do you know how hard this job is? If so, you should apply.


  • 覆盖北德克萨斯州的烹饪景观
  • Review restaurants
  • 讲一个故事
  • Help shape a magazine feature
  • Hit deadlines
  • Generate ideas
  • 吃some more
  • 要求和资格:
  • Experience in publishing a huge plus
  • 在一个巨大的厨房里经验

我们提供了竞争力的薪水和福利包。我们有一个灵活的工作场所,配有办公室和WFH;你需要住在德克萨斯州北德克萨斯州。Please apply by emailing your résumé and cover letter.


Senior Digital Editor

D杂志is hiring for its online editorial team. The position’s primary role is reporting and writing an email newsletter that chronicles the city of Dallas. Leading Off lands in inboxes each weekday morning, with the goal of getting in front of the news and highlighting what Dallas will be talking about that day. It’s a mix of original reporting and aggregation of journalism published onD杂志’s website. The individual will also write for the magazine’s online news section, FrontBurner.


  • Reporting and writing stories—everything from quippy blog posts to in-depth reported features and columns—about Dallas news, with a special emphasis on city affairs, local politics, and urban planning.
  • Writing LeadingOff, a subscription newsletter that includes original reporting and commentary along with links to the most interesting and relevant stories of the day from and other local news sources.
  • Collaborating with the online editorial director to develop ideas for improving the LeadingOff newsletter and online news coverage at
  • Working with the rest of the web team on editorial projects.
  • 根据需要,由其他作家和编辑编辑故事。
  • 偶尔会贡献每月印刷版D杂志.


  • At least three years of experience reporting and writing for a magazine, newspaper, or website.
  • 发布的工作组合,显示报告敏锐和强大的抛光声音。
  • 在线发布的某些经验,包括LockPress和电子邮件平台等内容管理系统,是首选。因此,您可以熟悉Google Analytics和最佳SEO实践。
  • Must live in North Texas or be willing to relocate.

The position is hybrid until COVID-19 case counts level out. The position is full-time with benefits. Salary is negotiable based on experience. To apply, submit a resume, cover letter, and no more than five clips.

We will begin to review all resumes and reach out to candidates for interviews after February 2, 2022.




Entry-level position responsible for supportingD杂志account managers to grow their business through print, digital, and event sponsorships. Great opportunity to learn advertising sales while working with the best in the business.


  • Cold call prospects to gather marketing contact information for salesperson
  • Work alongside salesperson to expand & maintain client relationships/spend, as well as brainstorm about new advertising ideas to help potential or existing clients achieve their business objectives in print, online, or through various sponsorship opportunities
  • 在数据库中管理当前客户端帐户
  • Aid in client renewal process
  • 会议准备:提案生成,价格报价,装配媒体套件
  • 协助销售电话的广告代表,管理销售日历,保持组织和详细的东西
  • Contract fulfillment
  • Fact checking “best” lists from edit


  • 研究当前事件,竞争对手杂志和报纸的前景18luck新利官
  • Strategically generate new partnerships with outside organizations
  • Work with syndicated research to position D brand


  • Contact clients and request digital/print artwork, assets, and payments
  • 销售抵押品媒体套装,赞助促销,广告合同,&RFP
  • 行政文书工作,报告和监控
  • 创意援助艺术品和广告创作


  • 参加并提供对执行活动的品牌和营销团队的支持


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 熟练程度在PowerPoint,Excel,Outlook

我们将开始审查所有简历并向2022年1月3日之后的采访候选人。所有候选人必须住在达拉斯 - 堡垒的地区,并提供Covid-19疫苗的证据。



We have been Dallas’ city magazine since 1974. Today we live both on and off the page as an online, print, custom content, and events company. We explore, test, invest, and launch continually, responding through multiple platforms to the evolving needs of a fast-growing city. We believe that excellence is irresistible — and trust is irreplaceable. By serving our readers and viewers first, we can connect them to the highest caliber of advertisers and marketing partners, with channels and audiences to meet every need.

TheDbrand represents authority, style, and boldness. We are not shy in our opinions because we are fervently in love with our city. In everything we do, we want to demonstrate, highlight, and encourage the best in our city.


And asD‘s Brand Coordinator, you could have a hand in it all.

您将负责促进D杂志合作伙伴伞下的所有编辑产品(D杂志!D CEO!D Home!D Weddings!). You will create custom promotional plans for all consumer products and projects while overseeing and executingD杂志’s social media strategy and day-to-day posting, engagement, analytics, and upkeep. You will also manage all strategic partnerships with events and organizations throughout the city and work closely with local businesses and customers to ensure a superior brand experience.

这个角色需要一个战略思想家总是keeps the brand top of mind, as well as a skilled project manager who works cross-departmentally and ensures brand tasks, projects, and products are launched flawlessly.

You’ll know you’re the right person for this job if:

  • 您是一个战略思想家,谁可以在盒子之外迈出,并创造创新的活动或产品来聘用和发展我们的社区
  • 您拥有优秀的人际关系和沟通技巧,可以轻松地在各部门工作,以完成公司目标
  • 您非常组织和详细指导(自豪类型A),并经过验证的领先项目和会议截止日期
  • You love juggling and multitasking (who wants to be bored?)
  • 你愿意卷起袖子以完成工作
  • 您可以充满信心地带来会议和演示,可以有效地委派项目
  • 您在快节奏,高需求的工作环境中茁壮成长
  • You are a quick learner who can jump into any project and see it through to completion
  • 您对驾驶社交媒体活动的多个社交媒体平台和专业知识有所了解
  • You are comfortable writing marketing copy for social media posts along with website and email promotion
  • 您有先前的Hubspot或类似的电子邮件数据库经验
  • You have prior project management experience
  • 你是一个团队player who can work both collaboratively and independently


  • Owning the messaging and growth of the brand identity and mission
  • 指导D杂志社交媒体策略,日常发布和分析报告的所有四个杂志合作伙伴出版物
  • 为所有基于消费者的事件和计划制定和实施数字,电子邮件,社交和营销计划,具有增长市场份额和消费者联系的最终目标
  • Managing all D-branded materials including logo distribution, handling cases of brand misuse, and overseeing the creation and updating of branded materials
  • 电子邮件营销和领导演出中的HUBSPOT中的自动化和工作流程的设计和管理自动化和工作流程
  • 管理所有媒体赞助与付费和贸易客户的关系,同时代表所有媒体的品牌赞助活动


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3+ years of experience in brand marketing or account representative role
  • Extensive knowledge of social media platforms and proven record of growing online audiences

薪酬与经验相称。所有候选人必须住在达拉斯 - 堡垒的地区,并提供Covid-19疫苗的证据。